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Trippy Treats Mushroom Chocolate Bar For Sale In California Online Delivery

Trippy Treats Mushroom Chocolate Bar for sale in California online delivery, For those keen to experiment with mushrooms who aren’t yet ready for a psychedelic experience, functional or medicinal mushrooms represent a nourishing, non-intoxicating alternative. Mushroom hot chocolate is formulated by blending cacao or carob. In addition, with adaptogenic mushrooms such as ​​reishi, cordyceps, chaga, turkey tail and lion’s mane.

These hot, wholesome beverages are increasingly popular among individuals ready to give up coffee jitters in favor of drinks that alleviate stress and enhance mental function. Medicinal mushrooms each boast their own

Trippy treats mushroom chocolate bars also contain the golden teacher magic mushrooms, which are a favorite amongst psychonauts around the globe for their spiritual and reflective effects.

After 10-30 minutes of consuming the trippy treats bar, you will experience enhanced excitement and euphoria.

Depending on the dosage (number of pieces finished), you will experience mild to intense visual enhancements. It may seem that things around you are breathing and nature is coming alive.

Trippy treats mushroom chocolate bars are a great way to microdose magic mushrooms if you’re looking to enjoy the fantastic therapeutic magic mushrooms without having to deal with the taste and smell of eating raw magic mushrooms.

TrippyTreats is the perfect solution for everyone to fall in love with the edible mushroom. Starting with power and flavor, this allows for simple ways to micro-dose or straightforward enjoyment.

Where To Buy Trippy Treats Mushroom Chocolate Bar

Our chocolate bars are filled with Golden Teacher mushrooms, known for their dependable journey, trippy treats chocolate bars, and are the gateway to innovation.

Trippy Treats Magic Mushroom Chocolate ChocoNaut is made of fine Swiss milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat. Our unique mix offers an exciting combination of milk chocolate and nougat in every bite. Gold Masters are a favorite among psychonauts worldwide for their spiritual and reflective effects.

After 10-40 minutes of eating Magic Mushroom Chocolate ChocoNaut, your mood will improve with euphoria and happiness. Depending on the dose, you will see an increase in visual acuity. Things seem to breathe, the nature around you becomes more alive, and you find yourself meditating. The music and the image are different, and you get a high level of respect, and you can connect with the music or the image personally.

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As with all of our products, keep these items out of the reach of small children and pets, and for maximum longevity, keep them cool and out of direct sunlight. Trippy eats a chocolate bar.

Also, the psilocybin in magic mushrooms, the primary psychoactive ingredient, breaks down quickly when exposed to high temperatures. So make sure you don’t place your mushrooms in anything too hot. (Mushroom chocolate for sale online in the UK).

Trippy Treats bar dosage:

4G Magic: mushroom chocolate bar
Contains 12 Pieces : 33 G for each piece

Dossage Recommendations:
Micro-dose: 1\2 – 1 piece
Mild Trip: 2-6 pieces
Deep Trip: 7-12 pieces

Trippy Treats Mushroom Chocolate Bar For Sale In California Online Delivery


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